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I initially got into soap making when I moved to Canada in 2012.  As a girl who grew up in the desert, I soon found myself feeling a bit out of my element during the rainy days of Vancouver, and not quite sure what to do with all my indoor time. Trying to keep myself occupied with what felt like endless hours on the internet, I stumbled across a class for cold process soap making. Never in my life had I given a thought to how soap was made, but for some reason, or maybe out of complete boredom, I decided to sign up for the class. I spent 2 hours in the class learning a very basic lesson on how to make cold process soap. After the class, I found myself unable to think about anything else other than making soap! I couldn't get my hands on enough information to hone in on this craft. I spent months and months researching and trying and failing and crying, but eventually it started to get easier and my batches got better and better. 


Hi everyone! My name is Summer Reese. I am the founder and creator of Inspiration Soap Co. I grew up in Las Vegas, but I currently reside in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my husband and our son. I'm a lover of many things; soap, coffee, traveling, dance, animals and music.  I'm also a fan of stimulating conversations, protecting nature and 80's movies. 

Today, I am still obsessed with soap making and handmade bath bombs. Every batch is handcrafted with inspiration and care, and always made with high quality, sustainable sourced ingredients. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them and thanks for taking a look!

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