Sweet Tooth Gift Box


Like a kid in a candy store without the calories! This box is filled with sweet smelling bath goodies that will make your mouth water. A perfect gift for anyone with a love for candy.


Each box includes a beautifully designed inspirational quote of your choice.


Products include one of the following:


  • Grape Soda Handmade Soap - Handmade soaps help replenish the skins natural oils and are great for dry, sensitive skin. Made with moisturizing plant based oils such as olive, coconut, sustainable sourced palm, castor and sunflower oils leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. Scented with robust, plump concord grapes blended with sun-ripened berries.
  • Beary Cherry Sugar Scrub Soap - soapy sugar scrubs will exfoliate your skin leaving you soft, moisturized and clean. Gentle enough for everyday use and topped with 3 gummy bear soaps. The scrubs smell delicious and look good enough to eat, but they smell better than they taste with sweet blend of delicious and ripe cherries with rich vanilla.
  • Sweet Fairy Bubble Dust - Add a little magic to your bath. Sprinkle some bubble dust under running water and enjoy the colourful display and gentle bubbles. Scented with a sweet delightful blend of banana cream pie, lemon zest and peach nectar.
  • Zip Your Lips Bath Bomb - are airbrushed and hand painted. They release bright colours and are scented with mouthwatering grape, strawberry and orange blend with violet and creamy vanilla.
  • Root Beer Lip Balm - moisturizing properties of cocoa & shea butters, beeswax, sweet almond and castor oils and vitamin E to replenish moisture to lips, flavoured with a sweet blend of vanilla, licorice and a touch of mint.


Sweet Tooth Gift Box

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